Tinkerbot Boss

From what I was told, tinkerbot is ‘not all there’ – so I gave him/it a quirky upbeat battle song, and later on in the song, there are cute little off-tempo interruptions that they later made me remove to save size. I put up this version instead because frankly it’s not the same without them.

Download file:

One Response to "Tinkerbot Boss"

  1. Sean 04/03/2012 09:03:04

    “…to save size…” to… save… size… *grabs gbs* 315k?!?! Ye gods, what kind of unholy tracking code were you running on that poor chipset?! I mean, I can fill a 4k NES bank with nearly-raw register data, but… 315k?! Yow. You could fit the Blue Sphere soundtrack in there TWICE! Grandia’s 3 times! The entirety of Tetris- gameplay, graphics and all- 10 times!! @_@ . . . I approve. Wholeheartedly and without reservation. TO everything except their not giving you even more space.

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