FX 2.0 – Vile Red Falcon

(contra) this is the most sparse of all the songs, but contra is one of the sparsest konami soundtracks, too. I did some weird rhythmic stuff here.

Download file:

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  1. Televizoare | Ravi Sud 31/05/2012 04:05:53

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  2. Sound Card 012: The top ten Contra songs OF ALL TIME | 24/02/2013 05:02:02

    [...] a shortened version of a Contra-inspired chiptune that virt released way back in 2002 called “Vile Red Falcon“? “Jungle Exploder,” the “Jungle Normal” arrangement found on Rocked [...]

  3. najlepsze seriale online 07/07/2013 01:07:22

    Co wybiera się fenomenalny styl atrakcyjna czyli widać szyb. moralnie,

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