Risky’s Revenge OST — Doing great!

Guys, whoa. I couldn’t possibly have expected THAT kind of response, we’ve been getting thousands of visitors from everywhere! In no particular order, thanks to my friends at NeoGAF, Destructoid, NintendoLife, GameMusic4All, and IGN for directing people over here to enjoy the free tuneage.

Without boasting about numbers, let’s just say that I’m shocked that so many people who downloaded the album have paid for it. I can’t thank you guys enough — your generosity is seriously going to help me make better stuff. If not for the shiny new gear, then for knowing that you’re actually excited about hearing it.  But even if you can’t buy the album, PLEASE don’t feel guilty about downloading it for free. If I didn’t want you to, I wouldn’t have put the link up! The best way you can show your appreciation is to spread the word, show some love for everyone around you, just be awesome.

Anyway, here’s the music video, recently posted on YouTube:

10 Responses to "Risky’s Revenge OST — Doing great!"

  1. Corey Scott 29/09/2010 06:09:49

    I’m going to pay for it now that I have cash, but I wish there were 2sf rips of DSiWare stuff so I could have it in a source format.

  2. qhodave 30/09/2010 12:09:18

    haha, and I’ve been feeling guilty for only paying 15$.. glad to hear this turns out good for you.
    Haven’t listened to the purchase yet, but as I love all of your stuff I’m pretty sure this will rock my world once more.

  3. Hylian Lemon 03/10/2010 05:10:51

    Funny you should mention in the video…I was just grooving out to your Bandit Town remix in my car the other day. One of the few songs I like enough to blast with the windows down.

  4. Nightshade3D 12/10/2010 02:10:50

    Perhaps such a response such as this would help you consider putting Shantae: Risky’s Revenge on Nintendo’s WiiWare? That would be awesome. Keep up the good work!

  5. Jim 13/10/2010 03:10:27

    Wiiware, or just a standard DS cart. I’d like to buy this, but I’m not going to pay for hardware that’s identical to what I already have except for storage. I know you make the strategic decisions over at WayForward, Virt, make this shit happen!

    (Thanks for nixing that Ping Pals sequel, by the way. XOXO.)

  6. Mirby 01/11/2010 03:11:19

    I still want a sprite sheet of the sprite Virt…

  7. Nin10aaron 14/11/2010 12:11:54

    These are awesome songs and has definitely influenced me into buying the game as soon as I get some Nintendo points!

  8. Ariel 21/11/2010 11:11:06

    Hey dude, gonna grab the OST now. Psyched for new virt tunes. Give Nugget a pat for me.

  9. Kai Hyouookami 23/12/2010 06:12:09

    Man, I still wish I could get those Shantae sprites used in the video (was dying to make a sprite comic) -_-.

    On topic: I’m sorry I haven’t paid for the OST man, I really am. But I don’t have a credit card >.<

    I do groove out to every single song everytime I listen, tho' (Burning town forever remix FTW)

  10. Liam Sheridan 14/06/2011 02:06:17

    Shame I will never get to play this game as i live in Australia. They don’t have the game here :(

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