Demo Reel

Jake can bring your project to life with music from any era!

If you would like demo tracks in a specific style that you don’t see here, feel free to contact Jake and inquire — there are a few thousand songs in his collection!

In addition to being a well-known “chiptune” artist (which makes him popular with indie developers who want a totally legit retro feel), Jake has grown up studying the past century of jazz, and the “top-40″ production techniques of decades past. Few kids born in the 80s can write 60s pop quite as comfortably.

Jake can hold his own with the top tier of modern composers. Working close to Hollywood with talented friends and colleagues, he’s capable of delivering anything from a full orchestral recording to a shred metal opera.

Jake’s popularity with casual and kids game developers is no accident — He is an expert at crafting catchy melodies and making people have fun, because he has a ridiculous amount of fun writing music.