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I wrote this as my entry for Blockparty 2009′s Music competition, in which it won first place. It’s supposed to be a “placeholder” theme song for a futuristic anime series with a sort of apocalyptic vibe. This is my first released song using Yamaha’s VOCALOID2 software, and also my first “singing choir” using Quantum Leap [...]

This is the first new NES chiptune from me in quite a while — this won first place in the Oldschool Music competition at Blockparty 2009. If you’re a fan of my chiptunes, you probably want to hear this. Additionally, and this is kind of a big deal, the IT version contains… all of my [...]

My soundtrack for the conceptual demo, Sans Titre. I wrote this on site at Blockparty (using Ableton and Reason) after my friends, the Northern Dragons, asked me to help bail them out since their usual musician didn’t have a track ready. I had to write this while techno music blared in the background (it was [...]