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This is the catch-all category for anything that is not a chiptune, not an arrangement, and not for a specific album or game soundtrack. Usually it’s stuff I’ve just made for friends or for kicks. I also write “demo songs” whenever I get a new piece of gear or software, to learn how to use it outside the pressure of a work deadline.

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I wrote this as my entry for Blockparty 2009′s Music competition, in which it won first place. It’s supposed to be a “placeholder” theme song for a futuristic anime series with a sort of apocalyptic vibe. This is my first released song using Yamaha’s VOCALOID2 software, and also my first “singing choir” using Quantum Leap [...]

This is the first new NES chiptune from me in quite a while — this won first place in the Oldschool Music competition at Blockparty 2009. If you’re a fan of my chiptunes, you probably want to hear this. Additionally, and this is kind of a big deal, the IT version contains… all of my [...]

My soundtrack for the conceptual demo, Sans Titre. I wrote this on site at Blockparty (using Ableton and Reason) after my friends, the Northern Dragons, asked me to help bail them out since their usual musician didn’t have a track ready. I had to write this while techno music blared in the background (it was [...]

Nugget was being clingy and annoying while I tried to calibrate my condensor mic setup in my closet. So, I brought him in there with me, exasperated, and started singing to him in my famous “operatic” “tenor”. He sat there still as a rock, either fascinated or terrified, as I proceeded to record the song [...]

Recently I started working out, in a futile attempt to avoid diabetes, so I did what any sane person would do: Wrote my own training montage music to play every time I go to the gym, to get me pumped up and ready to rock. It is strongly influenced by (and dedicated to) Vince DiCola, [...]

My last contribution to Hellven, my beloved music group. This was actually inspired by a Terminator fan site I found which had all kinds of cool speculative technology and interesting / horrifying machine designs (we’re talking serious nightmare fuel), but the question was posed — after the singularity and whatever robot war wipes us all [...]

An unapologetically cheesy early-90s pop song in the style of Janet/Michael Jackson, and other Teddy Riley new jack swing-style stuff. Done as my first “demo song” on my new Yamaha Motif XS6.

For my friend, Ben “Diablo” Shelton (1974-2005), #trax regular, sysadmin guru, beer connoisseur, rally racing fan, telecom geek. Ben once told me that he liked my fake guitar, so in shock after his passing, I wrote this for him. I still tear up a little typing this summary in Q4 2008 — He is deeply [...]

A one-hour kwakfest tune becomes a full-fledged vocal song! Apologies if you didn’t like the 80s (in which case you should probably get off of my site!) This will serve as my “before” snapshot in my vocal training, like how they have before and after shots of fat people in dieting infomercials.

I love to make demo tunes whenever I get a new piece of gear, and this is a super-cheesy latin jazz fusion synthesizer demo that I made using only my yamaha mu100r days after getting it.

Made just to show off my new yamaha wx5 midi-sax and acoustic-electric guitar. Whenever I get new gear I have to make a demo with it.

Yet another song named after one of Kristi’s choice phrases, this one has to do with knitting. Anyway, this is the first song on which I’ve used a live electric bass. Sort of backstreet boys-ish smooth jazz with a steady beat.

Yeah, that’s me singing in japanese. The lyrics were from a song by an 80s boy-band group, apparently, but I’ve never heard the song, I just liked the lyrics so I made my own song around them.

This weekend, partially cloudy with a high of 70 and a low of 62, with a 20% chance of showers.

This is more 80s dance than disco, but it fits with the others in its love-song theme so I’m including it in the ‘series’.

Best if you do voiceovers: ‘we have been unable to find the intruder..’ ‘you must find him! He must not esc….there he is!’ ‘yaa-haaaaaaaa’ smash! Pow! ‘Hoyoooooooo’, etc.

Written for a student project video game my friend evan was working on.

Yum, more hellven release material.

Yeah I don’t have much of a voice, but who else do you know who has this much free time to spend on a not-safe-for-work vocal harmony r&b megahit?

Haha before I was confident enough to really play my guitar, I tried to make the most realistic synth simulation I could using my oasys. Used in a dense mix, it can be pretty convincing (the lead tone, not the rhythm)… But now that I can play for real, there’s no need.

Easily the happiest thing I’ve ever written. Most of the instruments come from physical models on the oasys, which I love more than I can tell you. It gets busier and more new-orleansy after the second bridge.

Round one! Fight! This is the stage where you fight the imaginary chinese girl who whirls the staff around and has her hair all did up. Every game has one.

My most fully-orchestrated disco tune to date!

The vocal snippet at the beginning is, you guessed it, tim curry from ‘the worst witch’. Best ever.

Written to demonstrate the incredible sounds of the Edirol Super Quartet (bass, piano, drums, guitar) and native instruments FM7 (synthy stuff) along with emagic’s evp73 (rhodes). This song is done entirely with those three softsynths. Amazing what they can do.

He’ll kick you in the johnson!

I also love Stevie Wonder so much I can’t put it into words. This has similar chord movement and groove to some of his stuff, and I when I listen to it, I picture him singing the main melody line.

A zipfile of a bunch of compo entries I’ve done. I suck

A short dance-y song written entirely with FM7 atop a little beat I worked out in reason.

Most people’s favorite of the disco series. I like Until Tomorrow best, but this one has an undeniably better groove to it.

Arrangement of a disco chiptune I’d written.

Although it’s an original piece, this is kind of a ‘tribute’ to the bee gees, whom I have always idolized. Discodan, who is a much more practiced disco authority, insists that it’s more brothers johnson than bee gees. He’s probably right.

Written for a very special someone. Sentimental and dramatic. Wow, I’ve been writing like non-stop love songs for the past 6 months. Hahaha.

If bobby prince and dream theater had a child together and he did a general midi soundtrack for a doom game, it would sound like this.

Painful now, in light of improvements in writing and samples, but a good yardstick for same, to show me how far I’ve come since I wrote this.

Much like ‘waffle jam’ above, but featuring guitar and bass solos instead of trumpet. Similar feel, this is my second try at ‘real’ jazz, taken from a melody I composed as a kid.

Written for my friend evan. Progressive rock.

I was on an oscar peterson kick for a while, and it inspired me to write some jazz. Almost 3 years ago, god. I should do some new stuff.

Just a snippet of an argument I had with my cocker spaniel

Uh…… Yeah. No. Wow. Sorry.

One day while I was out, whoopi tracked a mod on my computer. I found it and uploaded it. Check it out.

Piano piece, waxing beethoven for a while. I don’t actually know what I’m doing so I can’t say whether it’s neoclassical or romantic or what, but I think it sounds nice.

This was supposed to be the soundtrack to an “x-men parody” demo that beyond was doing for like assembly or something. The demo was never released, but here’s the soundtrack!

Awake (Aug 2000)
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Space-ish choir/synth stuff with a light beat under it.

Magical mystery beats. Dnb, this is like minimal for me. :)

A cute little puppy-themed tune made entirely out of samples from me and my cocker spaniel arguing.

One of my earlier electronic-style pieces.

Laid back beats. +waffle

I wrote this piece for my best friend, royal, and it has since become my mom’s favourite of my songs. It’s available down there in it file, I just (finally) rendered it out to an mp3 so she can listen. :)

For royal; small guitar ensemble.

Won #sstrax’s c9 compo, written for my father’s birthday. Probably my most grandiose it module.

The original it version of the ft boss battle theme. Was entered in #sstrax’s ogc-1 competition and won.

Chalk up another one to chemically inspired compo tunes.

Won groovycompo 36. I don’t remember what was going through my mind (hey wait yes I do thc!) But it was wrong.