This is the parent listing for all arrangements I’ve done. It’s mostly the video game music arrangements which I’ve released over the years, but I’ve been known to arrange a pop song, jazz standard, or Civil War folk song from time to time.

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The title was going to be “I Love Yoshi” but I thought it was more appropriate to pay homage to Perez Prado, the one and only King of the Mambo (and of Cha-cha-cha, as in the second half). This was sort of a midterm exam – I’m heavily studying harmony and orchestration for jazz ensembles [...]

My entry for Dwelling of Duels at Magfest 7. Three-way tie for 12th place — there were a lot of legendary entries that month. Theme was “Side scrollers”, and my intention was to make something that sounded like a 70s Kung Fu movie soundtrack, in the style of  Lalo Schifrin (one of my favorite composers). [...]

I played this in memory of Michael Jackson, who is my all-time #1 musical inspiration, at Magfest 8. What you are hearing is Michael Jackson’s original Thriller in one ear, and my own NES chiptune cover of Thriller in the other, with a tiny bit of bleed-through. The mash-up effect is a little jarring at [...]

Splatterhouse is one of my favorite game soundtracks ever, and this is a big honking prog-metal medley of it, with tons of shredding and scary horror sounds. This is when I was at the peak of my guitar wanking ability, but I had not posted it here because the mixing really sucked. I had made [...]

A progmetal medley of Day of the Tentacle (Red Edison’s theme) and Monkey Island arrangements. Completely different from what I imagined the “stylistic intent” of the original songs to be; just a gratuitous metallification of completely non-metal themes. Nothing I can say will prepare you for the wank levels. Might even break your Widdly Meter.

I really don’t know why I did this, but I was playing Karnov the other day and I was like HEY imagine if they had a movie version of Karnov and they got Danny Elfman to do the score. I don’t know why I had that thought but this is the result. Took about an [...]

This is the first release on which I’m using EWQL Symphonic Orchestra samples, and the last on which I’ll be using BFD drums and my Ibanez RG220b. I’m retiring both in favor of Drumkit From Hell Superior (regular and custom/vintage) and a beautiful Schecter 007 (scroll down on that page for pics). I’m planning to [...]

This is a 22-minute medley of every song in the super metroid soundtrack (except wrecked ship), done for the Metroid-themed DoD compo. It was an important milestone, showing me how far I’ve come and how much I have yet to learn, but it’s very satisfying to have actually pulled it off instead of just sitting [...]

Whenever someone asks why something is malfunctioning or, in general, why something frustrating is happening, I like to reply with “SPACE PIRATES!” (formerly “TERRORISTS!”). How appropriate, then, as a title for a ..disco rendition of the metroid ending theme. Entered as a “joke tune” in DoD.

Guerrilla war is one of the most underrated NES soundtracks I’ve ever heard, and I knew that i had to arrange it for a DoD compo, despite its obscurity and unnecessary length guaranteeing defeat (I got 5th). You probably won’t like it if you’re not a Guerrilla war fan (it drags on a bit) but [...]

There was a “shred competition” involving castlevania 3′s “clockwork” track for a DoD competition, and despite lacking confidence in my shredding abilities, I entered and played the most complicated / acrobatic stuff I could. I underestimated the level of composition the other guys were putting into theirs, so mine is an oversimplified, less progressive arrangement.

This is the first stage and boss music from the semi-obscure turbografx/pc engine game, Aeroblasters. I have been wanting to arrange this for a hell of a long time, but I couldn’t play guitar or bass well enough to pull off the 70s rock style I envisioned until recently. I’m especially happy with the bass, [...]

Remember? It has been included in every Windows from 3.1 (maybe earlier?) up to WinME. In case you’ve somehow never heard it, here. Its full title is “Trip Through the Grand Canyon”, and it was written by George Stone of Passport Designs. **UPDATE 7/26/08: OH MY GOD!!!! LOOK IN THE COMMENTS!! The actual composer of [...]

Best pop song of all time, hands down. I figured it had to be the one song I’d allow myself to use vrc6 sounds to cover, since doing it with the normal 2A03 channels would have been much more simplistic and arpeggiated. If all that is greek to you: This is a cover of Michael [...]

I entered Dwelling of Duels, the monthly themed compo held on the Minibosses message board! This time the theme was Zelda, and I figured it was time to finally seriously attempt a Zelda medley. Here is my entry. I think I’m managing to improve my tone after so much help from Prozax and Ailsean, and [...]

This is one of the few times I’ve arranged a song from a system more powerful or recent than the NES. I felt this was just totally screaming for a heavy guitar-based treatment. Obviously, it’s one of my favorite games ever.

One of the best games ever ever ever! Yes, that is me singing!

The entire star wars opening theme, arranged exactly as it is in the orchestral recording, only here I’m using my voice for all the instruments. Yep.

(almost) the entire soundtrack from shadowgate arranged in a hard rock megamix. Yes, the ending is abrupt, but that’s how it is in the game when your torch runs out!

An old standard, performed by me on the piano and my cocker spaniel singing. Yep.

The first thing I’ve done using my reaktor NES chip simulator, shows off some of the effects I’ve written for it. All notes are just plain notes, the echoes and stuff are handled by the player engine, which should dramatically quicken my composing process

A follow-up to my thong song cover, this is nelly’s ‘hot in herre’ complete with chip vocals. The entire song.

More a cappella madness! This time there is also a kazoo!

Michael was an undeniable badass in maniac mansion, and on the nes, his music completely ruled. This is a rap interpretation. Will the madness ever end!!!1

A 9-minute-long medley of half of the themes from the game – this is part 1 of a 2-part series.

With the recent passing of George Harrison (one of my heroes) I had to pay tribute somehow. What better way than by remixing one of my favorite of his tunes?

Speaking of love you can’t put into words, I did this for Kristi’s ‘Iron Otaku’ anime/game music radio show on whfc 91.1 fm in Bel Air, MD. It’s a remix of the iron chef theme, which is itself the theme from backdraft… I did the orchestral arrangements myself.

Arrangement of the NES game, salsa style.

The best sega genesis soundtrack ever. Fuck streets of rage and phantasy star and sonic. There is no beating tj&e, ever.

Hip tanaka is god. God. This is what I believe he was trying to get at with his soundtrack.

The sequel to the bubble bobble thing. It’s slightly less frightening. ..actually no it’s still pretty frightening.

Don’t bother mailing just to say I am a sicko. I know.

Chill and fever. Remixed. Aw, yeah. I am messed up.

My take on the great civil war piece by jay ungar. My dad likes this one.

Level 1 from cv4 for Snes. Everyone’s like ‘it’s too short!’ deal with it, I’m lazy.

Castlevania ii remix. The initial town music, then the little box pops up and the night rolls in. Oh, yeah, it’s all chamber strings.:d

AM radio + alcohol + patriotism + virt = this

Girl that dress so scandalous. Featured and reviewed in a german techno mag! True story!

Arrangement of the final battle in final fantasy 3 (6 in japan)

The original mod version of the mp3.

Latinish remix of faxanadu’s music, starting with the first town theme.

Squarecore. All of the game’s music here, arranged!