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Here is a game I made entirely by myself, start to finish, in a single weekend for the Global Game Jam. I made it using Unity Pro, Luxology Modo, Photoshop, Cubase, Sound Forge Pro, and Adderall Pro. Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys to fly around, and Space or LeftMouse to…. use your… weapon. (The controls [...]

FX4 will be released tomorrow night, at the fabulous chip net-label, Ubiktune! It’s been over 4 years since FX3 came out, and I’ve learned a lot of new tricks and techniques since then. This album contains all of them, and will actually run on a real Nintendo Entertainment System — my days writing soundalike NES [...]

Hello friends! This coming Wednesday (August 24), at 8 PM PDT (11 PM EDT), you must tune your internet to Arecibo Radio and listen to the free live streaming radio as my wonderful geek bride, Kris (also known as TrueStar) joins my friend Scott (also known as OverCoat) on Radio OverCoat. She will be on [...]

Mighty Milky Way, WayForward’s latest and greatest downloadable game, is available right now on Nintendo DSiWare! I promise you’ll love it from the title screen onward; it’s a pretty addictive little game. Then, once you’re madly in love with our new friend Luna and her planet-skipping escapades, head over to my brand new Bandcamp site, [...]

MAGFest is awesome, and they are demonstrating this yet again by running several charity auctions to raise money for the victims of the recent earthquake / tsunami in Japan. I had to jump in on principle, of course! I will make an arrangement of any song from any game, exactly to your specifications, if you win the [...]

Excellent news: Press Start 2 has been released! The sequel to Dark Maze Studios’ much-loved, totally awesome video game-themed adventure comedy, Press Start, is NOW SHIPPING! Reflecting several years of indie filmmaking practice, it’s amazingly well-crafted. The writing is sharper, the editing is better, the graphics are tightened, and it continues the original film’s story in [...]

It figures, 5 AM on the day I have to leave for GDC is when I finish up the new design. I haven’t even started packing my clothes yet! Please let me know, loyal Badmen Militia, whether you notice any broken links, browser inconsistencies, geometry clipping, jaundice, or other nefarious goings-on. I will be away [...]

Hello, friends! Three.. no, wait, four items of interest: 1) Late last year, at the suggestion of my friend Ryu Umemoto (who is himself a highly talented game composer and chiptune artist) CAVE hired me to arrange the entire soundtrack of their previous game, “Ketsui”, to be used in the alternative “Arrange Mode” of their [...]

Hi! Friday, December 10, at 6:00 PM PST, I’m going to be hanging out with DJ sysop, the awesome host of the Video Game Music Show, on KSPC 88.7 FM in the Los Angeles area. We’ll be promoting the Game Music 4 All Christmas Concert, at which sysop and I will rock out alongside chiptune [...]

I wrote this after my dog, Nugget, recovered from being terribly sick. Let’s just say he ate a scrap of fabric and it …didn’t come out. After a couple of days he was in bad shape, dehydrated and in constant pain. Without emergency surgery, things didn’t look good. Well, as luck would have it, on [...]

Guys, whoa. I couldn’t possibly have expected THAT kind of response, we’ve been getting thousands of visitors from everywhere! In no particular order, thanks to my friends at NeoGAF, Destructoid, NintendoLife, GameMusic4All, and IGN for directing people over here to enjoy the free tuneage. Without boasting about numbers, let’s just say that I’m shocked that [...]

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Original Soundtrack has been released!

Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Videogame has been released for Wii and DS! I wrote original music for the Wii (ingame “level” music) and DS (the whole thing) versions of the game, and designed the sound effects in both games (over 700 SFX in the DS game, what the hell!?) except for the [...]

Hi everyone! Still going crazy with work and rebuilding my health after a crazily hectic, transitional year. Just haven’t done a whole lot of music “just for fun”, so I haven’t had much to post here. But I had to take a minute to share something with you: If you enjoy chiptune music that is [...]

Here are five songs that I’ve released or performed, but have not put up on my site for one reason or another — a couple of them are several years old, but you might never have heard them! I’ve put them in the regular music listing, but also collected them here for your convenience: Lorem [...]

(EDIT: Yes, I know it’s actually June. I started writing this a month ago, got sidetracked, and thought the title would be funny to use now.) Okay, okay, okay. I’ve been putting off updating, because: – I packed my house up in the last week of December, became temporarily homeless, flew out to MAGFest, flew [...]

Two items: 1) My friend C-Jeff, a crazy talented chiptuner, runs a label called Ubiktune which has rocked the chiptune world, with its incredible quarterly seasonal albums, featuring some of the best and brightest in the scene, like Malmen, Lunar, Shnabubula, and Coda. The latest release is Autumntunes, which would be one of my favorite [...]

Oops, cat’s out of the bag. I was hoping to delay the announcement until Magfest, but I was probably dumb to expect that. So: I’m relocating to northern LA at the beginning of January. Wayforward Technologies, my favorite game developer and longtime client, has enjoyed great success lately, and they have enough going on to [...]

A familiar saying among audio people is that “the best soundtrack is the one you don’t notice”. Reviewers and critics are in the business of noticing things, but even the largest review sites often decline to mention audio at all, while writing at length about texture maps and character models. I guess that means we’re [...]

My friend Romain “Nino” Gauthier was the Audio Supervisor while I worked at Gameloft. He is one of the most passionate game makers I know, and has the sort of talent which attracts other talented people to work with him. Makes sense, then, that he started his own game development studio and is making a [...]

Words are failing me. I’m ignoring all news and entertainment media, and am very likely to tune out preemptively when MJ is brought up in internet chats or forums. I apologize in advance, but it’s still too much to process. Know that I’ve shifted some priorities today, with the intent to send him off musically [...]

One of the things driving me forward in my career is the encouragement of my parents. Although my choices rarely depend on their approval, I’ve nonetheless felt it has been there through most of my adulthood. Today, I want to tell you about my Dad. For anyone who didn’t get to meet him at my [...]

Show of hands: Who would like to hear me, beek, Shnabubula, Disasterpeace, and Sergeeo cover Miles Davis with video game hardware? Because that’s exactly what’s about to happen. Talk about big shoes to fill.

I have just uploaded my original soundtrack to Rampage [Korkusuz], also known as Turkish Rambo. It is yours now, free. Please, please, please show your support for the producer, Ed Glaser, and buy the film for yourself and your loved ones. It’s not something you have to be an internet meme nerd to “get”, it’s [...]

So. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past 4 months, the answer is: RAMPAGE. Also known as Korkusuz. Also known as TURKISH RAMBO. To quote from the site, “From the director of TURKISH STAR WARS and TURKISH JAWS comes RAMPAGE, an epic tale of murder and mayhem, vengeance and destruction, betrayal and kebabs. [...]

So. I’ve returned from Blockparty, which is a shining example of the collection of nerds, coders, musicians, artists, photographers, and hardware hackers otherwise known as a demoparty. Each year, sceners get together at the Notacon hacker convention in Cleveland, cram into a big room, and work on the productions that we eventually submit to various [...]

For anyone who’s curious: Yes, I’m still using Impulse Tracker to track “normal” songs (not just chiptunes) and yes, there’s new stuff you can listen to. Here: BRAINSTORM: TRACKED IN TIME Some background, for anyone who is scratching their head: I’m in a demo group called Brainstorm along with a bunch of incredible musicians, programmers, [...]

Guys, it’s finally ready. I’ve posted on a couple of forums, but I need your help in spreading the word — tell your friends, your favorite forums, and anywhere else there are potentially appreciative nerds! A new General MIDI album is upon us!! Kwakfest Album Official Site It’s up on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Emusic, Rhapsody, Napster, [...]

It’s that time of year, fellow music geeks, and I have a treat for you! Child’s Play, a “gamer charity” founded by the guys behind Penny Arcade, has raised millions of dollars to give toys, books, and games to kids in children’s hospitals worldwide. I’m proud to announce that they’ve just released the 2008 Charity [...]

My first run of 100 Kwakfest CDs came in; They look AWESOME, 6 panel full color insert, artwork looks great, the discs are professional dupes, not cheap blue CDRs, with direct-printed full disc art. It’s commercial quality. Digital downloads will go live on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, AmazonMP3, and Napster on January 1st (right before MAGfest). [...]

Well well, what do we have here? has needed an overhaul for a long time, and I’ve always felt weird about using my personal subdomain as a central “hub” for all of my different activities — game music, arrangements, chiptunes, albums, and whatever else. Also, it was running an old, rickety version of WordPress [...]

Now I’ve put up “The Fighting Illini Become Huge Ninja Robots and Take the Championship” and “World’s Most Wanted Wiener” (from last Friday’s Kwakfest). The videos are on YouTube, but the audio is totally busted because they’ve started brickwall limiting all audio in new videos. There’s a workaround, but it’s too late for these videos, [...]

Okay, so I’m a year and a half late, but you guys know all the crazy stuff that’s happened in the past year and a half –I have not forgotten about my album(s), and last weekend I finished recording all my best Kwakfests, and I’m releasing a few previews as Youtube videos. Here’s the first: [...]

Please welcome the newest member of the Kaufman family: Nugget the Puggle! His dad is a pug, his mom is a beagle, and he is 100% pure love. We got him last week, at 8 weeks old, from Rowland Family Puggles, who I can’t recommend enough as a loving, responsible breeder. He’s very docile and [...]

In yet another freakishly timely turn of fate, Kristi and I have moved to Champaign, IL and I just finished my first week as a sound designer for Volition Inc., makers of Saints Row, Red Faction, and Freespace! This puts my freelance career on hold, since even if I could legally contract independently, I wouldn’t [...]

I will have a live recording (hopefully board recording + ambient recording mixed together) soon, but for now, here are the raw tracks I played, with all the instrument parts intact, for your listening pleasure: Blast Off Forever (FM + PCM) Jamiroquai – Love Foolosophy (VRC6 +FM) Shantae – Bandit Town Redux (GBA + GBC [...]

Guys, I’ve been trying to liveblog every set like last year, but I’m having too much fun dancing around and hanging with people to sit around with a laptop during the show, and I’m too blown out when I get home to write a big report. HOWEVER, I am still going to post a day-by-day [...]

HI FRIENDS! If you’re here because you saw us play at the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival, Welcome! I’m virt, the keyboardist, and this is my personal homepage — we don’t have a band website yet, but I’m gonna make one soon. We are the Smash Bros., and we play arrangements of awesome video game [...]

Argh! I had had this written up but didn’t actually publish it because I was waiting for the thing to actually get released through one channel or another – it seems the awesome new chip label II got it out, and not a moment too soon. I don’t often (uh, actually never) post about other [...]

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! A refresher: – Hilarious, lovingly-made independent film, chock full of game nostalgia – You’re supporting indie filmmaking instead of wasting money on Resident Evil: Punching You In The Balls Over And Over For Two Hours Oh What’s That You’re Crying Too Bad So Sad – Over an hour of original virt [...]

In case you’re reading this via a feed or something, or are too lazy to scroll down two posts, Press Start is my first feature-length film score. It’s a comedy about a trio of adventurers who are the video game world’s ray of hope against a hilariously twisted evil sorcerer. Along the way they meet [...]

Wow. NOTHING escapes the internet, huh? I still can’t talk about it, save for what’s now public knowledge: That I’m responsible for audio in Contra 4. I’m surprised by how positive the response has been, given that I’m so early in my career, and the difficulty of living up to such brilliant past soundtracks. For [...]

Since the release date was announced, I figured I’d start the hype machine over here, and let you know I’m scoring my first full-length movie! Press Start is an independent film by Dark Maze Studios, directed by Ed Glaser. It’s a “comedy/adventure” parodying tons of classic video games at once, portraying their various cliches – [...]

The title says it all – Kwakfest tune. Last time was the biggest turnout we’ve ever had, 38 entries spanning like 4 different communities. That’s 38 people who wrote a song in an hour! What’s your excuse?! We’ll need to make a proper Kwakfest site soon with archives of song packs and a better upload [...]

FX3 (Jan 2007)

FX3 is COMPLETE! Over the years I’ve released two EPs of Konami-style NES chiptunes – FX1 and FX2 – which have been fairly popular among the chiptune and VGM crowd. After what seems like forever, I’ve finished a new full-length album, and released it with awesome chip label 8bitpeoples. Even better, Prozax and I are [...]

As I sit here typing away, bobbing my head, Bubblyfish and Mr. Neil Voss have been rocking out on the last night of the festival. I can’t believe I’ll be back at work tomorrow, no longer getting my eardrums blown out with square waves, no longer passing by chiptune legends every 10 feet and yelling [...]

Fuck tomorrow: Hally. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. [prozax] haha i thought that said “oh my goat” [virt] haha hang onOh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. That is all. p.s. Oh my god. [nullsleep]: “What the [...]

Last night was again surreal and incredible. In addition to the mind-bending artistry, there were a lot of surprise dudes showing up (Like my friend Mike, who I met last month at a business meeting [he's a fellow mobile audio guy] – and, we just learned last night, who had seen Hally perform in Japan [...]

      So, last night was one of the best nights of my life, and absolutely worth the insane finger-bloodying practices and gear-lugging across two subway lines. There’s no way I can even begin to do it justice with words – every single act blew me away - but I will give a quick rundown of each [...]

Bit of a short notice, but whatever: BLIP FESTIVAL! Basically, this is the Woodstock of chiptunes and retro game music. If you don’t come to this, you will have missed probably the most important event in chip history – 32 acts from the US to Europe to Japan, including such insane musicians as YMCK, Goto80, Jeroen [...]

Let’s face it, friends – is a mess. It’s always been a more of a gallery than a business site. Terrible for trying to attract clients. Under “Demo Reel” I have junk that’s like 4 years old. There are 400-something songs laying around randomly, most of which contain cocker spaniel samples. So, after years [...]

Wheee! I was invited back after all. 10 PM, The Tank NYC. Bring friends. This time, I’ll have Prozax with me, and we’re planning to ROCK THE PLACE. Come on out if you’re in the NYC area or even (especially) if you’re not. It’s guaranteed to be a great time. Dan and I, performing as [...]

Hi! I’m sitting in the bar area in the Sheraton Gateway, trying to kill six hours before my red-eye back to Newark. So I’ll write about the past week, which has been one of the finest in recent memory. For starters, E3′s reputation as a shock to the senses is well-deserved, but I heard it [...]

Anyone going to E3? Know anyone going to E3? Come see me play here on Tuesday night! I’ll be rocking out at this club near the E3 convention center, and it’s going to be a great time. Check out the flyer and the site for more info. I won’t be using my crazy lights and lasers, because [...]

The show was a success! A bunch of people came from as far away as Virginia to rock out. The hardest part by far was getting there with all my gear, and I had help even with that. I had no idea how One Bit Music was going to pull off an entire set just [...]

Sorry for the downtime. We’ve moved over to a brand new server and are setting it up now. Unfortunately, I just discovered my site’s database was corrupted and my most recent database backup was from mid-Februrary (Vgmix’s were daily, but I didn’t think about my own site). So if you’ve left me comments since [...]

I’ve upgraded WordPress to the latest version, and installed a plugin that SHOULD rid us of comment spam. Spent a couple of hours today cleaning up the mess. Just didn’t have time before; sorry if your comments were flooded out by spambots. Sorry also if you’ve contacted me recently and I haven’t responded. I read [...]

Recent developments show my foot having made it in the door, and now I’ve got my whole lower torso wedged in there. Upper body hopefully soon to follow. I haven’t spoken about this except on IRC, but I figured I should post it here. We’ve relocated! I was hired last month as a full-time audio [...]

If anyone out there is a fan or former user of Impulse Tracker but has moved on due to its being a bitch to get working in XP/2k, this is the best news. If anyone used to visit Efnet #trax back in the day, the main contributor (it’s open-source) is mrsbrisby, who is a hideously [...]

As a special treat, please enjoy this collection of my recent Kwakfest entries! – BEARS: Theme was “CARL SAGAN IN SPACE” and unfortunately I was unable to participate at the time, but yesterday I set aside an hour and did a song anyway after a couple of shots. I promise I did not cheat, I [...]

Diablo (Apr 2005)
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R.I.P. Ben “Diablo” Shelton, 1974-2005, #trax regular, sysadmin guru, beer connoisseur, rally racing fan, telecom geek. Passed away on April Fool’s day, of all the luck. One of the people whose general knowledge I most respected, despite our strongly differing political viewpoints and frequent snarking. He seemed to know at least something about almost everything. [...]

big update today. four new arrangements! The Legend of Kay, which is my first large-scale console title, is out in europe! you can order it by following the links on the official website in the uk and germany. i’m not sure what the north american release schedule looks like, but hopefully it will come out [...]

Thanks to a recommendation by my awesome, local, adorable blog-wizard friend Jay, I hooked up WordPress and jammed it into my current layout. Every time I add a new song to my site or experience a noteworthy career breakthrough, I will post about it here. So check back often, and be sure to leave some [...]