About Jake

Enough with the third person POV — I just want to introduce myself to you.

Hello, I’m Jake, and I really love my job. I’m living my dream, working with incredible people all over the world, and often causing them to spontaneously headbang.

As a self-educated music theory nerd, instrumentalist, sound designer, programmer, writer, and taco enthusiast, I’m a pretty busy guy. My wife, a very independent lady, married me knowing that I spend 95% of my life working. I find it almost impossible to stop and relax, and generally prefer to focus on a single task for 18 hours in one sitting. As luck would have it, the only thing I can do at a professional level happens to be something which involves what I just described, over and over. I really do love it.

Although I’m amazed to have worked on some high-profile projects for huge publishers, my heart is still duct-taped into the indie and hobbyist communities in which I grew up, and I love to spend excessive amounts of time on creatively gratifying projects, regardless of their budget or prestige.

I know for a fact that there are thousands of poor souls who are as obsessed as I am with game music. The thought that their icy, all-seeing gaze might one day turn toward my work is the only thing that gets me nervous. This is why I go over-the-top, on even small projects. When I write, I project my own impressions as a rabid mega-fan, because nothing is more gratifying than listening to a finished piece and thinking, “Where can I buy this?” I try never to underestimate the listener’s ability to pick out detail and layering and humor; even if 98% of all players mute me in favor of a Justin Bieber album, I’ll always go out of my way to thank the remaining 2% by melting their faces off with beams of collimated joy.

I’d like very much to make a soundtrack for your game, whether or not face-melting is a priority. Check out the Contact page to get in touch.